Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the heartbeat of Just Garden. From building gardens, to helping out behind the scenes, the work begins and ends at the grass roots of people power. All of our gardens have been built by volunteers and our programs couldn’t exist without you! Thank you so much for wanting to give your time and energy to help build a more vibrant and sustainable food system.

If you are interested in volunteering with Just Garden, or on getting information about our volunteer opportunities, please Fill out our volunteer form here.

Current Volunteer and Intern Opportunities

We are accepting applications now! Most of these positions can be done for school credit at educational institutions.

Just Garden Board of Directors- We are looking for council members for whom Just Garden is their passion, commitment and main cause. Council members will be building Just Garden’s bylaws and supporting our work toward 501(c)3 status. You will help insure our funding and community outreach match our values and goals for the program. You will be the main support system and responsible for bringing even more people and resources to grow Just Garden in a good way.

Website and Technology Support- Just Garden is seeking a website and technology support intern or super volunteer. Someone who is knowledgeable about WordPress, online donations, and how to maximize our web presence.

Social Media Internship-Just Garden is seeking a highly motivated individual with social media experience and a dedication to social justice issues for our social media coordinator position. Support with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media areas as well as creating successful online campaigns is most appreciated.

Event Coordinator Internship- Coordinate our post-build celebrations in 2018. We will have four neighborhood based builds and celebrations in 2018. The event coordinator will procure food donations, organize kid activities and work with volunteers to set up the post-build celebration.

Garden Build Coordinator Internship- Coordinate and organize garden builds at 2-4 sites throughout 2018. We are building an estimated 100 subsidized gardens for low-income families and communities. Specific build areas coming in February.

Development Internship- Help Just Garden re-build our funding base in 2018. You will be talking with former donors and working directly with co-directors to learn from just garden supporters what they love about working with Just Garden and what we can do better.


Volunteer to Build a Garden:

Volunteer opportunities are posted in our monthly newsletter. You can sign up for that here, or fill out our volunteer form here