Just Dinners

Just Dinners-Mini Fundraisers for Just Garden In Your Home

People used to gather to build everything. From barn raisers to harvesting clams, from gathering berries to putting away winter’s provisions, these things  were traditionally done in the context of togetherness. Just Garden continues in this tradition. Our garden builds brings people of all walks of life together for a common purpose. Building a just food system and culture of gardening for all people will also take all of us… every day.

Our Just Dinners are mini fundraisers in your home. Just Garden comes to your home and facilitates a conversation on building a Just Food system, talks about Just Garden’s work in this movement and connects people you love to this good work. It is a great way to live by example and spread the message of building gardens as an act of health and community vibrancy.

How does it work?

Support Just Garden by hosting a food justice themed dinner in your home. Contact Just Garden to schedule a date and time for the dinner. We will come out talk about Just Garden’s work and facilitate a conversation around food, food justice, and how to build a more just and vibrant local food system. The dinners are mini fundraisers. We work with you to make sure that the invites and expectations are set so everyone who comes, knows what the dinner is all about and is ready to give to the cause. It is a wonderful way to share your passion for this work in an intimate setting. It is also a great way to build community. Fill out our contact form below for more information or to get the party started.