Receive A Garden

2018 Build Sites

Back Yard Garden Application

We build subsidized food gardens for low income families. If you are not low income, but would like a garden, we can build a fundraising garden for you. Please contact for that option.

2018 South East and North West Focus

As we re-launch the program, we are keeping the focus close to our home offices. However, as funds provide we will be fulfilling garden requests on a first come first serve basis.

A Just Garden includes: One to three raised beds, seeds, starts, a growing guide, and four education sessions.

Step 1:  Apply for Your Garden

Fill the form below to get your name on the list. A Just Garden representative will e-mail or call you to let you know if you qualify and whether you are in a garden area.


Step 2: Orientation

The orientation includes:

  • Just Garden Mission, Vision and History
  • The Context For our Work
  • Program Outline and Calendar
  • Just Garden/Gardener Agreements
  • Goal and Expectations Setting
  • Q&A
  • Confirmation of Participation

Snacks and Child Care are provided

Step 3: Site Visit & Education

 Following your orientation, the education begins. You will have 3 neighborhood workshops on organic gardening. During this time, a Just Garden builder will come to your home to fill out agreements, per-surveys, liability and media release forms, map the garden and set the build date.

Step 4: Garden Build

Just Garden builds for 2018 have yet to be scheduled. However, during the build, Just Garden will bring 3+ volunteers to your home to help build the garden. Gardeners are asked to provide 2-3 volunteers as well.

Step 5: Maintenance & Reporting

Education Completion-The final Just Garden education session is about a week or two after the build. We answer any questions and provide additional resources at that time.
Plant Start Pick Up-You have starts available 1-3 additional times throughout the growing season. We send our e-mails to communicate pick up opportunities.