Receive A Garden

2018 Build Sites

Back Yard Garden Application

We build subsidized food gardens for low income families. If you are not low income, but would like a garden, we can build a fundraising garden for you. Please contact for that option.

2018 Rainier Valley Focus:

As we re-launch the program, we are keeping the focus close to our home office. However, as funds provide we will be fulfilling garden requests on a first come first serve basis.

A Just Garden includes: One to three 4’x8′ raised beds, 2 yards of veggie mix soil, seeds, starts, a growing guide, and four education sessions.

Step 1:  Apply for Your Garden

Fill the form below to get your name on the list. A Just Garden representative will e-mail or call you to let you know if you qualify and whether you are in a garden area.


Step 2: Orientation

The orientation includes:

  • Just Garden Mission, Vision and History
  • The Context For our Work
  • Program Outline and Calendar
  • Just Garden/Gardener Agreements
  • Goal and Expectations Setting
  • Q&A
  • Confirmation of Participation

Snacks and Child Care are provided

Step 3: Site Visit & Education

 Following your orientation, the education begins. You will have 3 neighborhood workshops on organic gardening. During this time, a Just Garden builder will come to your home to fill out agreements, per-surveys, liability and media release forms, map the garden and set the build date.

Step 4: Garden Build

Just Garden builds for 2018 have yet to be scheduled. However, during the build, Just Garden will bring 3+ volunteers to your home to help build the garden. Gardeners are asked to provide 2-3 volunteers as well.

Step 5: Maintenance & Reporting

Education Completion-The final Just Garden education session is about a week or two after the build. We answer any questions and provide additional resources at that time.
Plant Start Pick Up-You have starts available 1-3 additional times throughout the growing season. We send our e-mails to communicate pick up opportunities.

Step 6: Celebration and Giving Back

Just Garden asks all of our gardeners to volunteer at one of our annual celebrations. Additionally, all of our gardeners are asked to give back to the organization in some way. Whether that is a monetary contribution to their garden or volunteering with our events, investments from gardeners to insure our programs can continue in a good way.