Extended Education: Gardener for Life

Course Details

The Gardener for Life course includes 15 classes over 11 months. You will learn in community with other JG gardeners, soil experts, nutritionists, chefs, gardeners and more. In 1-3 classes per month, you will have the support to   attain the garden and personal health of your dreams.

This year long garden education program offers you a foundation in planning, growing, harvesting, nurturing, preparing and preserving food for yourself and your family.

In the garden we will work with Master Compost/Soil Builders, The Garden Hotline, and the Maritime NW Growing Guide. In the Kitchen we will work with local chefs and nutritionists and to get the most out of our garden for our health.


Example GFL Calendar
This class begins in the Autumn with a two month intensive on soil health with the Master Compost/Soil Builder program. We then do a piece on fermentation as food preservation, followed by a grocery store tour on how to navigate healthier food choices on a budget. Beginning in January, we focus on the garden, growing, nurturing, preparing and eating our bounty.