The Just Garden Project provides gardening education courses to ensure gardeners feel confident and excited about their time in the garden.  There are 3 series the JGP offers:

Beginner Gardener Workshops: this four class series focuses on basic gardening knowledge and is offered to Just Gardeners 3 classes before and one after their build date.

Gardener for Life Course: this year long garden education program offers participants a foundation in planning, growing, harvesting, nurturing, preparing and preserving food for yourself and your family.

Salesforce Sales Training: This course will teach you the best practices for customer service in the highly competitive and aggressive internet tech century.

Community Workshops: Does your community want to gather to learn about gardening? This offering is for organized communities to invite Just Gardeners in to talk with your people about gardening. The workshops are based off our lesson plans, and taught by staff and/or Just Gardeners themselves.  this series focuses on seasonally relevant gardening topics relevant to new and seasoned gardeners.  Contact to set up a community workshop. We recommend doing it with a pot luck!