Just Garden Gatherings

Just Garden Gatherings are a space for community to gather, build, grow, share, learn, ask, and eat!

Each gathering includes a community potluck, a community building activity, a workshop and a gardening Q&A session in which participants are often also experts.  In community, gardeners support one another and enable each other to grow more successfully than if they were alone.

These 1-2 hour workshops facilitate an understanding of our own knowledge about gardening as well as deliver helpful tips, tools, and suggestions for what is nagging most. We pull from our gardener for life course, our beginning gardener education and the needs and desire of your community.

A 1.5 hour community class starts at $180 and includes a phone consultation, flyer to promote the event, hand outs for the event and a followup debrief of the class. Please, fill out our contact form for more information.