Chancery Place

Seniors Are the Newest Roof top Farmers

This Saturday, May 12th a roof top farm is going in at Chancery Place Apartments. This building, owned and operated by Catholic Housing Services, serves a diverse population of low income seniors in 84 units at 910 Marion in the first hill neighborhood of Seattle.

Up until this point seniors interested in gardening were limited to buckets filled with soil and a few plants.  Cindy Streltzov, Program Director, was torn between letting gardeners grow and the unsightly appearance of their outdoor space, “The buckets were unattractive and made our patio/rooftop deck an unpleasant gathering space. “Residents will benefit from this garden,” according to Cindy, “not only we will be bringing beauty to our outdoor space, but residents can grow their own vegetables which are expensive at stores. We hope to donate extra food grown to our neighborhood food banks.”

Funded through the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Community Gardening Program provided $10,000 in funding to construct the farm. The Levy set aside funding to build gardens with low income housing programs in partnership with housing providers; different from a traditional p-patch, Chancery Place will be responsible for managing their garden.

Chancery Place community garden project is a partnership between the Just Garden Project, Catholic Housing Services, and the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.  The garden was designed through community process with the help of Cascadian Edible Landscapes ( , Oasis Planters, Chancery Place staff, residents and volunteers, and the Just Garden Project.

This Saturday, May 12 between 10 am and 2 pm volunteers from the Just Garden Project and Out for Sustainability will gather to build the roof top farm as a part of Spring into Beda JGP organized  County-wide garden build & celebration. To volunteer go to