Gardener Workshops

Just Garden offers four classes with each garden build.  The classes are designed to connect gardeners to others in their area gardening while providing enough information and resources to feel comfortable in the garden.

Gardeners learn that while in the grocery isle the price of Organic might be out of reach; in the garden, organic methods will save you time and money.

Orientation and Organic Gardening: The first class focuses on why to garden organically and a look into building healthy soil.

Gardening Through The Seasons: A look at each season in the garden, fertilizers and crop rotation

Feeding the Soil: A tutorial on building and maintaining healthy soil.

Integrated Pest Management: We look at pests and diseases and go through the  IPM steps for organically addressing issues that might arise.

After these classes, gardeners are invited to take our year long Gardener for Life program and to attend the Just Garden Gatherings.