2018 Just Garden

is Building Gardens Again!

If you missed the re-launch celebration on Saturday, December 2nd, here are some highlights:

In line with the mission of Just Garden, the relaunch centered around a shared meal, and a deep caring for our community. Co-director, Stephanie Seliga-Soulseed emphasized that, “by growing our food, and growing community around food we reclaim our shared humanity.” With all that is going on in the world, this simple understanding is good medicine for an individual and cultural transition to health and vitality. Just Garden’s dedication to growing food and growing community around food will be carried out by building relationships and setting dates for our 2018 garden builds. Your support is vital to growing Just Garden’s mission once again.

Building Gardens


Our Garden Build and Education programs have a proven model of success:

  • 77% of garden recipients report continued gardening after the first year;
  • 72% of gardeners report having enough abundance to give food away; 
  • 65% of gardeners say they have expanded their gardens beyond the 3 raised beds.
  • 1,550 volunteers tallied over 12,300 hours with Just Garden
  • over 3,000 people have eaten produce from a Just Garden since 2010.

Check back in January for a list of Internships and Volunteer opportunities.

Sign up to volunteer here.

Building Community

People used to gather to build everything. From barn raises to harvesting clams, from gathering berries to putting away winter’s provisions, these things were traditionally done in the context of togetherness. Just Garden continues in this tradition. Our garden builds brings people of all walks of life together for a common purpose. Four times a year we gather to build gardens and celebrate our community’s commitment to feed itself. Smaller gatherings occur to raise money, to thank our volunteers, to celebrate our gardeners.

One of our most successful community building programs are our Just Dinners. Just Garden comes to your home and facilitates a conversation on building a Just Food system, talks about Just Garden’s work in this movement and connects people you love to this good work. Follow this link to learn more about hosting a dinner.

Just Garden is fiscally sponsored by NICA nwcommunities.org